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Hardwood Flooring—Splendor For Your Home

Whether you’re rehabbing a vintage gem or sprucing up a contemporary modern, lovely hardwood flooring will grace your rooms with splendor and provide an excellent investment in the value of your property.

Today, you have your choice of two types of hardwood flooring – solid hardwood and engineered hardwood.

Solid Hardwood Flooring vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Beneath its protective finish, solid hardwood flooring is precisely that: solid hardwood through and through. It’s perfect for nearly any room in your house. Solid hardwood floors are not only visually striking they’re also highly durable. A properly installed and well-maintained hardwood floor can last forever.

Engineered hardwood flooring is made up of a top layer of a real hardwood over a core that usually consists of plywood layers, which are laminated together to form a durable plank. This structure makes engineered hardwood flooring a smart choice to lay over concrete subfloors and radiant heating systems.

Endless Hardwood Options

We’ve been in business for over 50 years and that means we know pretty much everything there is to know about hardwood floors. Our design team will help you choose the right species, color, texture, and finish based on your design scheme, your lifestyle, and your budget.

When purchasing hardwood, there are many factors to take into consideration:

  • Durability: Hardness is a factor that affects the longevity of your floors.
  • Color: Floors should harmonize with your furniture and accessories.
  • Texture: Smooth, distressed, natural—or something in between.
  • Finish: High gloss or low gloss.
  • Character: Even planks for a traditional look; uneven planks for a casual or rustic feeling.
  • Plank Width: Wide planks make a room feel open; narrow planks are less expensive.
  • Edge Detail: We’ll guide you to make the right decision—there are countless choices.

Hardwood Flooring Brands We Carry

  • Anderson
  • Bruce
  • Shaw
  • Mohawk
  • Summerset (local—from Summerset, KY)
  • Armstrong
  • And many others—if you don’t see the brand you’re looking for just call us at 859-261-9608.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring you’re in luck. Most of the companies we work with are committed to the environment and are using ecologically sound growing techniques.

Hardwood Floors: On Trend and a Smart Investment

Hardwood is wildly popular is because it’s so versatile. It works with any décor, is available in a dizzying array of colors and textures, and lends itself to all types of finishes. It can be left as is or adorned with area rugs. It’s warmer on a cold day than other hard floors and stays cool in the hotter months.

Hardwood floors are a smart investment, too. When showing signs of wear, they can be sanded and refinished instead of having to be replaced. And homes with hardwood floors usually fetch higher prices than homes with other types of flooring.

Ready for hardwood? Let us help you make the right choice.

At Earl Franks Sons & Daughters we’ve been helping people choose the perfect flooring for over 50 years. Flooring is what we do, and it’s all we do, and that makes us experts.

At Earl Franks Sons & Daughters we’ve been helping people select the perfect flooring for over 50 years. Flooring is what we do, and it’s all we do, and that makes us experts.

Here’s How We Work:

Visit our showroom in Covington, Kentucky. Bring pictures, samples, even pages from magazines —whatever you need to show us exactly what you want. Don’t know? We’ll steer you in the right direction.

You’ll be greeted by a family member – one who has likely been working in the flooring business his or her entire life.

Our designer will help you sort through the literally thousands of samples we have in stock. In the rare instance that you want to see a sample of something we don’t have, we’ll quickly order it and have it shipped it directly to you.

Next, we’ll visit you at home to make sure your choice is right for your lifestyle, your design needs, and your budget. We’ll take precise measurements to make sure that our installers can do their job with ease.

When your flooring material arrives in our warehouse, we’ll contact you immediately to set up a date for the installation. One thing you should know about Earl Franks—we show up when we say we will!

And, here’s how we help you save money: unlike other flooring retailers, we never charge for samples—even if we have to special-order them.

Join the family. Visit Earl Franks today.

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