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Carpet & Carpeting

Carpet & Carpeting – Warm Up Your Rooms

There’s nothing like carpeting to warm up a room. What a wonderful feeling it is to step out of bed onto a soft, luxurious carpet. And carpet makes it comfortable to play with your children on the living room floor.

Carpet, because of its sound-absorbing characteristics, even makes a room feel quieter. In terms of style, today you have a vast array of colors, tones, hues, and textures to choose from to complement any décor and fit into any lifestyle.

You may also be surprised to learn that carpet is a very economical choice for your home. Carpet normally costs less than hard flooring and it’s affordable to install and to replace. And, when cared for properly, it can last for decades.

Types of Carpet

Loop: Loop carpet consists of yarns that are looped and left uncut on the surface. You can choose from a low, tight weave or a luxurious high-level pile. Loop carpet is a great choice for any room that gets a lot of traffic because it’s durable and hides dirt and soil well.

Pattern: Pattern loop carpet has a sculptured look due to its combination of high cut and low-cut tufts. Pattern carpet is tough, durable and perfect for areas that get a lot of traffic and wear.

Texture: Texture carpet is often referred to as “footprint free carpet” or “trackless carpet”. The pile is made from curled yarn that provides a beautiful surface and minimizes the look of -prints and vacuum cleaner marks.

Twist/Frieze: This category includes shag and cable. If you want a modern look for an active part of your home, twist is a great choice. It shows minimal footprints and vacuum cleaner marks, as well.

Plush: Plush carpet looks like velvet. High-density construction imparts it with a luxurious and formal look. Because plush cans show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks, it’s a good choice for rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic.

Many of the brands we carry offer eco-friendly options, as well. If that is important to you, just let us know.

Padding: At Earl Franks you have your choice of three types of padding, regular, urine resistant (for you pet owners out there), and luxury. We’ll help you decide which one is right for you.

Carpet Brands We Carry

  • Armstrong
  • Fabrica
  • Interface Floor
  • J & J
  • Masland
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw
  • And many others—if you don’t see the brand you’re looking for just call us at 859-261-9608.

At Earl Franks Sons & Daughters we’ve been helping people choose the perfect flooring for over 50 years. Flooring is what we do and it’s all we do, and that makes us experts.

At Earl Franks Sons & Daughters we’ve been helping people select the perfect flooring for over 50 years. Flooring is what we do, and it’s all we do, and that makes us experts.

Here’s How We Work:

Visit our showroom in Covington, Kentucky. Bring pictures, samples, even pages from magazines —whatever you need to show us exactly what you want. Don’t know? We’ll steer you in the right direction.

You’ll be greeted by a family member – one who has likely been working in the flooring business his or her entire life.

Our designer will help you sort through the literally thousands of samples we have in stock. In the rare instance that you want to see a sample of something we don’t have, we’ll quickly order it and have it shipped it directly to you.

Next, we’ll visit you at home to make sure your choice is right for your lifestyle, your design needs, and your budget. We’ll take precise measurements to make sure that our installers can do their job with ease.

When your flooring material arrives in our warehouse, we’ll contact you immediately to set up a date for the installation. One thing you should know about Earl Franks—we show up when we say we will!

And, here’s how we help you save money: unlike other flooring retailers, we never charge for samples—even if we have to special-order them.

Join the family. Visit Earl Franks today.

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