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About Us

Fifty years ago, our father, Earl Franks, opened a small paint shop here in Covington, KY. At that time, Covington, right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, was a thriving middle-class city.

In addition to paint, dad sold wallpaper and flooring. In those days there were not the plethora of choices we have now, so it was possible to stock a big selection right here in the store.

Dad was smart. He soon realized that if he specialized in just one thing, he could corner the market and become the area’s go-to retailer. That’s when he decided to eliminate the paint and wallpaper and focus strictly on flooring.

It worked. And so did we kids! Everyone was expected to work in the store on weekends, after school, and in the summer. Considering there are eleven of us, that was a lot of free labor. We all learned the trade directly from dad and from the skilled tradesmen he hired. Over time, some of us made our careers here.

Today seven of us share ownership of the business. As our customer, you’ll be served by at least one Franks family member during the selection, planning, and installation of your new floor.

Covington has gone through a lot of ups and downs since dad opened in 1968. In fact, in the early 1970’s Covington was considered one of the most blighted cities in the United States.

Earl Franks weathered the storm by providing top-notch customer service and because many of our customers come to us from Cincinnati and other parts of Northern, KY. Today, with the miraculous transformation of Covington, our Covington customer base is again exploding. The newer residents just love doing business with a local company that’s right around the corner and truly cares about the quality of their work.

The seven of us have made wonderful careers at Earl Franks and many of our children work here, too. It’s truly a family affair where we are all committed to making sure that our customers continue to refer their friends and family to us. After all, our name is on the door.

Speaking of names, if you’re wondering why our name is Earl Franks Sons and Daughters, we’ll be happy to tell you the story—just ask!

At Earl Franks Sons & Daughters we’ve been helping people choose the perfect flooring for over 50 years. Flooring is what we do, and it’s all we do, and that makes us experts.

Here’s How We Work:

Visit our showroom in Covington, Kentucky. Bring pictures, samples, even pages from magazines —whatever you need to show us exactly what you want. Don’t know? We’ll steer you in the right direction.

You’ll be greeted by a family member – one who has likely been working in the flooring business his or her entire life.

Our designer will help you sort through the literally thousands of samples we have in stock. In the rare instance that you want to see a sample of something we don’t have, we’ll quickly order it and have it shipped it directly to you.

Next, we’ll visit you at home to make sure your choice is right for your lifestyle, your design needs, and your budget. We’ll take precise measurements to make sure that our installers can do their job with ease.

When your flooring material arrives in our warehouse, we’ll contact you immediately to set up a date for the installation. One thing you should know about Earl Franks—we show up when we say we will!

And, here’s how we help you save money: unlike other flooring retailers, we never charge for samples—even if we have to special-order them.

Join the family. Visit Earl Franks today.

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